Sign Designs That Best Communicate a Brand Message

Signs are great for promoting your products and services but their most important role is to strengthen your brand. A good brand exposure will make your business more visible and the potential customers will develop confidence towards your enterprise. Still, creating a brand that is both expressive and catchy can be hard for many entrepreneurs. Choosing the right design can depend on a series of factors and many business owners ignore or simply forget about them.

In the following, we will explain what you need to do in order to create sign designs that best communicate a brand message.

  1. Keep It Simple.

This rule applies whenever you are designing a sign but it’s essential when it comes to expressing your brand message. A simple brand sign will impose seriousness and it will be more noticeable by the people.

Many entrepreneurs tend to overuse certain colors or styles, just to make their signs more flashy. Don’t do that. A flashy signage won’t communicate your brand’s message and it will only confuse your audience. Instead, a simple design will make them understand what you’re about and what you offer – clear and concise.


  1. Reflect Your Company’s Core Values.

Reflecting your company’s identity through a signage system will help you increase your audience for the simple reason that you’re “opening your heart” to them. People will always appreciate a company that is sincere and shares its mains goals and values. Even if it’s a short story of how you’ve decided to found the company or a charity action that you’re supporting, people will see that you value other things than money and will associate your brand with something positive.

  1. Connect With Your Target Audience.

If you run a thematic business, you probably have a target audience. Connecting with them is essential since they are the ones who are keeping you in business. Depending on who they are, you have to design a signage that expresses reliability for an older audience, and adventure/joy for a younger audience. This way, you will be able to address to their particular needs or preferences and show them that your brand can offer whatever they are looking for. You can express this through a nice design, encouraging messages or a strong contrast of colors.

Design a Signage that Communicates Your Brand Message Today.

When designing signage, it’s for the best to gather your ideas and present them to a professional sign company. At Sign Boss, we are always happy to assist our customers and to design the most effective signs, according to their preferences. Contact us today and let’s turn your ideas into reality!